Automated testing

GovReady-Q’s unit tests and integration tests are currently combined. Our integration tests uses Selenium to simulate user interactions with the interface.

To run the integration tests, you’ll also need to install chromedriver:

sudo apt-get install chromium-chromedriver   (on Ubuntu)
brew cask install chromedriver               (on Mac)

Navigate within your terminal to GovReady-Q top level directory.

Then run the test suite with:

./ test

_NOTE: Depending on your Python3 configuration, you may need to run:_

To selectively run tests from individual modules:

# test rendering of guided modules
./ test guidedmodules

# test general siteapp logic
./ test siteapp

# test discussion functionality
./ test discussion

Or to selectively run tests from individual classes or methods:

# run tests from individual test class
./ test siteapp.tests.GeneralTests

# run tests from individual test method
./ test siteapp.tests.GeneralTests.test_login

To produce a code coverage report, run the tests with coverage: