Automated testing

GovReady-Q’s unit tests and integration tests are currently combined. Our integration tests uses Selenium to simulate user interactions with the interface.

To run the integration tests, you’ll also need to install chromedriver:

sudo apt-get install chromium-chromedriver   (on Ubuntu)
brew cask install chromedriver               (on Mac)

Navigate within your terminal to GovReady-Q top level directory.

Then run the test suite with:

python test


Depending on your Python3 configuration, you may need to run

python3 test

To selectively run tests from individual modules:

# test rendering of guided modules
python test guidedmodules

# test general siteapp logic
python test siteapp

# test discussion functionality
python test discussion

Or to selectively run tests from individual classes or methods:

# run tests from individual test class
python test siteapp.tests.GeneralTests

# run tests from individual test method
python test siteapp.tests.GeneralTests.test_login

# run tests from different apps in sequence
python test siteapp.tests.GeneralTests.test_create_portfolios discussion.tests.DiscussionTests

To produce a code coverage report, run the tests with coverage:

coverage run --source='.' --branch test
coverage report

Selenium Troubleshooting

500 Internal Server Error

Receiving an 500 Internal Server Error in Selenium’s Chromium web browser during testing indicates an error serving the page.

If error is received only on some tests, the testing framework has located a legitimate problem rendering that page that needs to be corrected.

If the error occurs rendering every page, the probable cause is missing static files. Correct this problem by re-fetch vendor resources, check your static setting in the local/environment.json file and re-run Django collectstatic admin command.

python collectstatic

To debug further, set the verbosity of the tests to level 3 for increased log output and look for Missing staticfiles manifest entry for or other error messages detailing problems with serving the page.

python test -v 3