Deploying on macOS



Installing on macOS

GovReady-Q calls requires Python 3.6 or higher to run and several Unix packages to provide full functionality. Install the Homebrew package manager ( to easily install Unix packages on macOS. Homebrew will install all packages in your userspace and not change native macOS Python or other libraries.

# install Homebrew package manager
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Now install Python3 and the required Unix packages.

# install dependencies using brew
brew install python3

# install other packages:
brew install unzip graphviz pandoc selenium-server-standalone magic libmagic
brew cask install wkhtmltopdf

Installing GovReady-Q

Clone GovReady-Q source code and install.

# clone GovReady-Q
git clone
cd govready-q

# install Python 3 packages
pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt

# install Bootstrap and other vendor resources locally

Run the final setup commands to initialize a local Sqlite3 database in local/db.sqlite to make sure everything is OK so far:

# run database migrations (sqlite lite database used by default)
python3 migrate

# load a few critical modules
python3 load_modules

# create superuser with initial account
python3 first_run

Start GovReady-Q

# run the server
python3 runserver

Visit your GovReady-Q site in your web browser at:

Additional Details

We welcome assistance with installing GovReady-Q natively on MacOS.