Deploying on Windows (with Docker)



Installing on Windows (with Docker)

GovReady-Q can only be installed on Windows using Docker.

Make sure you first install Docker (


# Run the docker container in detached mode
docker container run --name govready-q --detach -p 8000:8000 govready/govready-q

# Create admin account and organization data
docker container exec -it govready-q first_run

# Stop, start container
docker container stop govready-q
docker container start govready-q

# View logs - useful if site does not appear
docker container logs govready-q

# To destroy the container and all user data entered into Q
docker container rm -f govready-q

Visit your GovReady-Q site in your web browser at:

Additional Details

We welcome assistance with installing GovReady-Q natively on Windows.